Bashikaran - Spellbound:

A Hilarious Comedy

Past Event

A rarely performed but extremely funny short play written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1901, Bashikaran (Spellbound) is the story of two friends – the devout and deeply religious Aashu and the more cynical and street smart Annada.

Aashu has heard of a visiting Mataji (a holy woman) who is currently staying in the city and is keen to visit her to seek her blessings and to follow her religious teachings. At the same time, Annada, who has recently separated from his wife, has heard about a visiting matriarch who is in the city looking for an appropriate suitor for her young unmarried daughter and is keen to pay them a visit to see whether this match will work out for him.

However, as the play unfolds we see a comedy of errors emerge as we are taken on a roller coaster ride of hilarity and laughter with a happy ending for all involved. As with most of Tagore’s plays, there is a subtext to the comedy – a subtle dismissal by the playwright of some of the evils of religious orthodoxy and fundamentalism – as relevant today as it was in the early 20th century in which this play is set.

Rich Mix London
Part of the 2016 Season of Bangla Drama organised by London Borough of Tower Hamlets.



NOV 2016

06:00 pm